Understanding Our Clients

CTM believes the best way we can serve our customers is by giving them the most personalised experience we can by truly understanding their unique needs. CTM’s Client Value Managers are continually there to to help you get the most out of your corporate travel program.

Wherever you need help in optimising the way you travel, our Client Value Managers will assist you. We will advise on all aspects of travel management, from payment methodologies to supplier negotiations.


TehcIcon.5-01Travel policy

CTM’s team will work with you to help build and drive the optimal travel policy for your organisation. Large or small, we know how to get the most out of your travel program.


understanding7-01Travel booking procedures

Different booking procedures suit different organisations. Whether you have a team of travel managers or individuals who book their own travel, we can tailor a solution to fit.


understanding5-01Form of payment procedures

One card? Many cards? Accounts? Be assured we’ll find the best method for your organisation.


Management information reporting

By engaging key stakeholders within your business we formulate monthly and quarterly reports so you’re never left in the dark.


understanding8-01Online Booking Tool

CTM is agnostic when it comes to booking tools which means we’re positioned to deliver you the ultimate technology solution.



We’ll help you to ensure your staff are up to speed on all aspects of your requirements helping to efficiently drive your travel program across town or around the globe.



We’ll analyse your organisation’s travel behaviour and spending patterns and conduct cost negotiations with suppliers on your behalf to maximise your travel spend.



Once we’ve formulated the ideal travel program for your unique needs we’ll ensure it is implemented smoothly to allow your organisation to hit the ground running.


understanding3-01Change management

We understand your organisation is constantly evolving so we’re here to make sure that your travel program adapts and doesn’t get left behind.