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We do this through the provision of award-winning customer service, supported by market-leading travel technologies that deliver tangible benefits to their users, and in demonstrating a continued return on your travel investment.

CTM has developed a proven formula which identifies missed savings opportunities in almost every travel policy.

Our highly experienced travel analysis team can provide an obligation-free review of your current travel practices and supplier agreements to identify missed savings opportunities. Additionally, we provide our clients with the necessary support to implement our recommended changes so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Our diagnostic travel policy review includes:


Our research shows that booking behaviour is a significant contributor to total travel expenditure and presents a simple and effective opportunity for significant cost reduction. We consider purchasing behaviour (including ticket change behaviour, fare class utilisation and advanced booking times), policy compliance and technology uptake, relative to your unique business needs and goals, as the key to controlling and reducing your travel expenditure.

Booking behaviour presents a simple and effective opportunity for significant cost reduction.


We believe the key to successful cost reduction is transparency. Our policy analysis will uncover cost savings opportunities and assist you in identifying cost saving targets across all areas of travel spend including average sector price, percentage of lowest logical airfares not utilised and average hotel rate by destination. We’ll also assess your technology suite to identify additional opportunities to drive efficiency across your business and provide your team with the necessary tools to make informed decisions around the most cost-effective time to travel.

Our policy analysis can identify cost saving opportunities across all areas of travel spend


We have the ability to benchmark your travel expenditure across airlines, hotels and car hire companies to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. We will analyse your purchasing trends and decisions, and provide recommendations for best practice policies, booking process improvement and enhanced cost rationalisation. Working on your behalf, our role is to provide proactive and on-going negotiations with suppliers which are tailored to your individual business needs.

benchmark your travel expenditure across suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal

For a no-obligation review of your travel policy, contact CTM today and find out how much you could be saving:


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