Travel Health Check

CTM has perfected a proven profitability-driven formula able to identify gaps and opportunities in almost every travel situation.

To identify the key health issues of your travel program – including those causing you to bleed money – let a qualified CTM representative conduct your FREE Travel Health Check today.

CTM will conduct an analysis of your travel management program in the fields of:

Behavioural Analysis

Our research shows that booking behaviour is a significant contributor to total travel expenditure and presents a simple and effective opportunity for significant cost reduction. Our travel health check will identify existing policy shortfalls surrounding purchasing behaviour (including ticket change behaviour, fare class utilisation and advanced booking times) as the key to controlling and reducing your travel expenditure.

Cost Reduction

We believe the key to successful cost reduction is transparency. Is your travel management company being completely transparent with you? We will uncover cost reduction opportunities and assist you in working towards cost targets across all of the key travel metrics including average sector price, percentage of lowest logical airfares not utilised and average hotel rate by destination. Our research shows that a high percentage of cost savings can be achieved by addressing these and many other booking trends. Our check-up will identify exactly how you can achieve this.

Supplier Management

We have the ability to benchmark your travel expenditure across airlines, hotels and car hire firms, not only by our wider client base but by your specific industry sector – meaning we know exactly what you should be paying. Our travel health check will analyse your purchasing trends and decisions, and enable recommendations for best practice policies, booking process improvement and enhanced cost rationalisation. Working on your behalf, our role is to provide proactive and on-going negotiations with suppliers which are tailored to your individual needs – in contrast to a reliance on globally negotiated consortia rates.

Upon completion of your FREE travel health check, CTM will present recommendations on the best way to treat the gaps and opportunities identified for your consideration. Simply fill out the below form and a CTM representative will contact you shortly.

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