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CTM provides local service solutions to customers around the world. Please select your local region, and start experiencing the CTM difference!

Risk management tools

CTM provides risk management solutions to our customers, enabling businesses to identify risks, track and communicate with their travellers.

CTM’s risk management solutions are designed to help our customers meet their duty of care obligations, while providing business travellers with the confidence they need to make business travel safer, more productive and enjoyable.

From traveller tracking tools to SMS risk notifications, we can tailor a risk management solution to meet your specific business objectives.

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Traveller tracking

CTM’s Traveller Tracker platform supports your duty of care program by tracking travellers’ locations via their travel itinerary, anywhere in the world.

Updated in real-time and fully integrated with the individual’s travel itinerary, CTM’s interactive global mapping tool provides an instant picture of country-by-country risk levels via a color-coded map.

Save time, increase safety and maximise your duty of care program with CTM Traveller Tracker.

Travel risk alerts

CTM Risk Alerts is a risk management dispatch solution keeping travellers abreast of developing travel risks as they happen.

Configurable risk ratings match travellers with potential risks based on geographic location and pre-determined risk ratings, enabling notification via SMS or email to affected travellers.

Ensure your travellers are kept informed of breaking travel alerts as they happen with CTM Risk Alerts.


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