Staying safe & informed on the road

There is nothing more important to a business than its people. And there is no higher priority than keeping them safe.

Whether your employees are required to travel interstate or internationally, can you confidently say you would be able to effectively locate and communicate with them during an emergency?

The value of knowing where your employees are at any given time can’t be underestimated. Whether locating people during a crisis, providing 24/7 support or informing them of last-minute itinerary changes, safety should be imperative to all businesses.


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At Corporate Travel Management (CTM), we help businesses of all sizes identify and reduce travel risks through a range of simple, efficient and easy to implement travel tools. Duty of care is integral to how we operate. While our priority is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all business travellers, unforeseen events can occur. These range from major incidents and emergencies to more minor frustrations such as lost passports, falling ill while abroad or flights delays and cancellations.


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Our expertise

CTM can help your business proactively manage risk and react quickly to unexpected events. Our expert travel teams will work closely with you to implement a service that meets your specific needs.

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We’ll review your current arrangements before recommending a duty of care solution that will increase traveller safety, as well as reduce stress and inefficiency.

Satisfied customers

CTM provides around-the-clock support to customers faced with unexpected challenges while on the road. For example, this professional service consultant requested last-minute itinerary changes due to a blizzard in Northern Ireland.

“I was stranded in Belfast whilst away on business. There were huge disruptions, blizzards, power cuts and all the planes were grounded. I would just like to say how wonderful I found the CTM Travel Desk. They took care of everything for me. The whole team were so organised and calming during what was a very stressful situation and kept me informed every step of the way.”

On the other side of the world, CTM assisted a travel manager, providing her colleagues with timely warnings about disruptions caused by an earthquake in China and public disturbance in Hong Kong.

“CTM’s travel warnings were crucial to my travellers being able to make informed decisions that would keep them safe and secure whilst travelling. They received information about a flight rescheduled to leave earlier than anticipated, allowing them to check in for the flight on time for which they were grateful.”


CTM develops and deploys a suite of cutting-edge tools that provide travellers, travel managers and HR teams real-time access to risk identification, traveller location and emergency communication.


CTM’s SMART Approve pre-trip approval program identifies potential travel risks based on destination, and provides customised and automated approval processes. No more paperwork or email trails – simply request approval to travel as part of the booking process.

During travel:

CTM’s SMART Alerts automatically inform your travellers and travel arrangers of emerging risks via SMS or email, enabling you to respond quickly to changing conditions.

CTM’s SMART Tracker tools locate your travellers’ locations with a single click, whilst in transit or in their hotels.This enables businesses to monitor travel schedules, identify disruptions, such as flight delays and cancellations, and efficiently update itineraries and appointments.


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24/7 support

Travelling for work can be an emotional experience. Employees are away from their families in often unfamiliar surroundings to attend important meetings or complete tasks critical for their businesses.

In times of need a friendly, familiar voice can make all the difference. CTM’s dedicated travel teams provide 24/7 travel assistance no matter where you are. We are focused on minimising traveller anxiety by providing a level of support that simply isn’t available outside of a managed travel program. Our global network of local travel experts ensure access to around-the-clock emergency assistancefor ultimate peace of mind.

Let us help you

Implementing an effective risk management process is easy with CTM. To see our traveller safety tools in action or to speak to a friendly CTM travel expert, contact us today:

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