Innovation: Resource Sector


‘Company M’ is a leading Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance and industrial services to the resource, energy and infrastructure sectors. The group employs a mobile workforce of 8000+ travellers spread across both Australian and international projects.


Company M had developed a unique and complex travel management system (TMS) to manage its travel approval and reconciliation processes. However the system lacked any automated booking functionality and, following a surge in booking requests to 400+ per day, could not deliver the required efficiencies or accuracies. In partnership with CTM, Company M agreed to an urgent upgrade of their existing TMS platform to facilitate booking automation. The aim: to increase efficiencies and accuracy, maintain complete customisation, and deliver a flexible and future-proof technology solution to the company’s continually evolving travel needs.



• To develop a fully customised and automated bulk booking tool
• Reduce processing times and implement procedures to guarantee a maximum 48 hour turnaround time on new booking requests
• Ensure systems are robust and flexible to meet evolving travel needs


Road Blocks

• The existing TMS system created individual booking requests, not bulk manifests. A complete overhaul of technologies was required to facilitate bulk bookings
• The travel account was managed 7 days a week with consultants averaging 25-50 bookings per day with short lead-in times. All new processes must consider the potential for consultant burn-out
• The nature of the company’s continually evolving projects created uncertainty around future booking demands, thus requiring foresight and expertise in developing flexible and cost-effective systems and procedures which would deliver results both today and into the future


Through the research and development process, CTM recognised the potential for a 2-stage implementation process to deliver both immediate improvements and long-term results.

Stage 1: CTM was able to re-engineer a basic macro spreadsheet used for FiFo mobilisations as the basis for the client’s bulk booking tool (BBT). This ‘short-term fix’ solution links the company’s existing TMS to a BBT, enabling the processing of bulk manifests
Stage 2: CTM is currently developing a 100% tailored technology solution which transforms the existing TMS into a fully automated online booking tool, inclusive of a bulk booking tool, pre-trip approval and reconciliation processes. CTM has also identified further opportunities to enhance efficiencies by automating the POS Management Fee as a percentage of the transaction value, streamlining automation of workflow even further


A fully customised Bulk Booking Tool

linking the client’s in-house TMS to an industry leading online booking tool


A customised bulk booking tool which
boosts productivity by

Productivity boosted by 1500%

Automated processes capable of booking speeds of 1 booking
every 20 seconds compared to an average consultant booking
speed of 300 seconds

‘Technology Roadmap’ developed for future implementation

integrating pre-trip approval, travel booking and reconciliation processes into a single, tailored system